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Going Beyond A Marketing Agency

SJI Media was created in 2016, when a team of individuals was formed with the same vision and drive, to go beyond what the average marketing or content agency could provide. With over 50 years of combined experience in marketing, content creation, advertisement, artist, and social media management, SJI Media set out to innovate the industry and provide a unique service to clients, at a cost that competitors could not touch!

At SJI Media, we don’t consider ourselves a marketing company. That’s because we go beyond being a marketing agency, we are a team of experts in brand development. Our services and process are unique, and customized for each client we work with, based on their market, goals and the competitor analysis we provide!

A Personal Touch

With SJI Media, we focus on creating personal relationships with our clients. Understanding their goals, needs and providing real solutions that will drive them to success!

Extensive Market Research

Cookie-cutter methods, presets, and templates just don't cut it. Each marketing strategy we create is customized to fit your brand, and based on our market research which drives your business in the direction it should be going: forward!

Consistent Results

With how fast information moves, things are changing just as fast! Whether it is Instagram's policies, Google's algorithm, or internet browser security level requirements. At this agency, we change with the times and are always updating our websites and procedures to meet and exceed new expectations!

A Small, Yet Powerful Agency

We know how important your brand is to you, don’t get lost in the abyss of large marketing agencies that lack a personal relationship. Work with SJI Media, where we not only build a personal relationship with you, you also have a brand development specialist that is there to answer your call with any questions or needs your brand may have.

Our Amazing Team Leads

Our team of diverse leaders from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise is the backbone of how we innovate the industry and keep current with the constantly changing market and areas of industry.

Jay N.
Director of Marketing
Tony O.
Director of Brand Development
Samuel M.
Director of Client Services
Chris W.
Director of Sales
Jenna T.
Marketing Specialist
Aubree B.
Office Manager & HR
Years of combined experience
Brand Specialists
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We are centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona, and serving all states in the US. For our on-site content services, we are currently serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Utah, Georgia, and Chicago. Fill out the contact web form for more information, and one of our Brand Specialists will get back to you as soon as possible!

Offices in Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, & Atlanta, GA


The contact forms located on this website are for personal or business inquiries only, and not to be used in an attempt to solicit services to SJI Media in any way shape, or form. At SJI Media, we will never sell your information, or use your information in any manner other than for business purposes.