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Your Brand Persona

SJI Media is an online digital marketing agency that will analyze your company and how it is currently progressing. From there we will come up with key traits that your
brand/company would like to focus on – meaning how you want your brand
to be known, recognized, and remembered.

Core Services: Your Offerings


Analyze what your primary products/services are and how your current digital marketing plan is performing.

Planning and Strategizing

After analytics, it is important to come up with a marketing plan on how you will go to market with your core offerings.


It is important that you are keeping up to date with social in order to stay relevant about your core offerings on every platform for your target audience.


Continue to measure your ROI and engagement throughout the quarters to gauge how your company is doing.

Short Term/ Long Term Digital Marketing Goals

SJI Media will work with you on your short term and long term goals to create an online digital marketing plan with the steps needed in order to achieve. It is important to list and work towards your company’s goals to continue growing as a whole.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Content Creation

Brand Cohesiveness

SJI Media will work with you to make sure your brand is represented cohesively over all platforms.

Website Design and SEO

It is important to work on the back end of things in order to reach your target audience.


It is key that your social, website and any content you post goes along with your brand vision and colors.


Make your brand recognizable from your look on all platforms within your business when executing online.

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